Drew Carolan

Wrecking Machine

Issue No.

Drew Carolan's "Wrecking Machine" is a powerful snapshot of the punk scene in 1984. The photograph captures the stage bouncer of the CBGB Hardcore Matinee’s, known by the moniker "Wrecking Machine." His hand-lettered leather jacket, a testament to the DIY ethos of the punk movement, is prominently displayed, offering a glimpse into the raw energy and rebellious spirit of the era. Carolan's influence from Richard Avedon is evident in this piece. The depth, emotion, and minimalist composition reflect the teachings of Avedon, under whom Carolan trained. This image, like many of Carolan's works, captures the essence of its subjects with profound intimacy, reflecting his contribution to the tradition of portraiture photography. The setting, CBGB, is iconic in its own right. As a hub for the burgeoning punk scene in New York City, it was a place where artists, musicians, and fans came together, united by a shared passion for music and counterculture. The photograph offers viewers a window into this world, providing a sense of the time, place, and people that defined it.

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