Our story

In the bustling heart of Paris, ARTIFKT first took shape four decades ago, setting the stage as a hub for innovative interior design, emphasizing craftsmanship and rejuvenation. By 2008, this vision found a new home in Dallas, transforming ARTIFKT into a beacon of refined lifestyle and avant-garde design. The name ARTIFKT isn't just a label; it's an invitation, a call to delve into the narratives behind each handpicked piece.Our space is a harmonious blend of contemporary photography, curated European literature, essential home adornments, and cutting-edge fashion. ARTIFKT stands as a modern nexus of design, drawing inspiration from global aesthetics and trends. From plush furniture and ambient lighting to captivating art installations and state-of-the-art home innovations, our curated environment resonates with those who seek the extraordinary.Beyond the tangible, ARTIFKT's reach extends to representing a diverse cadre of international interior designers, introducing Dallas to a world of design perspectives. Our aspirations are ever-evolving, with ventures into residential real estate and an eye towards expanding into landscape design and architectural innovations. Our design ethos is enriched with a palette of handpicked materials, ensuring every touchpoint exudes finesse.At the core of ARTIFKT is an unwavering commitment to distinction and authenticity. Each artifact, chosen with precision, embodies our brand's spirit. As we look to the horizon, we see ARTIFKT evolving into a series of spaces that challenge the conventions of retail, intertwining museum-worthy artifacts with a holistic design ethos, creating an environment where every piece has a story, adding layers to our shared cultural tapestry.


Established 40 years ago in the artistic heart of Paris, France, ARTIFKT began its journey as a passionate interior design firm and atelier, specializing in restoration and upholstery. Today, nestled in Dallas since 2008, ARTIFKT stands as a testament to curated design and lifestyle, evolving into a space that seamlessly blends contemporary photography, art, literature, European magazines, home essentials, and fashion.

Design Philosophy

Our ethos is grounded in innovation and artistic exploration. Our showroom is a haven for those seeking to fill their spaces with meaning. From furniture, lighting, art, home goods, to the cutting-edge of style, we've curated a collection that speaks to the discerning tastes of our clientele. ARTIFKT ensures that our customers have everything they need to craft their perfect narrative.

Curated Collections

Every piece at ARTIFKT is a narrative in itself, chosen for its craftsmanship, aesthetic, and relevance. From French artifacts and museum-grade ceramics to designer apparel, our offerings are a nod to contemporary elegance. Every piece within our walls tells a story, echoing our ethos that everything we purvey holds significance.


As we look ahead, our ambition is to merge museum-quality artifacts with a holistic design approach. We envision ARTIFKT as the go-to destination for those who seek meaning in design, a space where every item tells a story, and every story adds to the tapestry of our shared personal identity.

Engage Us

Experience the essence of ARTIFKT at our Dallas Design District location. Dive into our collections, explore our services, and stay connected through our social channels for the latest updates.

Beyond the Physical

But we're not just about tangible items, we also represent a global roster of designers, bringing world-class design expertise right to Dallas. Our vision extends to services in residential commercial and real estate, with future expansions into landscaping and architecture. On the design front, our curated specialty materials, from high-end hardware to artisanal paints like Farrow & Ball and Backdrop, ensure that every detail is accounted for.


At the heart of ARTIFKT is a commitment to quality and exclusivity. Each product, hand-selected by our team, is a testament to Artifkt's identity. Our meticulous process of sourcing meaningful products, designers, and artists is a reflection of our dedication to our patrons. Every visit to ARTIFKT is not just shopping; it's an electric experience, a journey through stories, design, and art.

Behind ARTIFKT is a collective of visionaries, each bringing a unique perspective and expertise to the brand. Together, we're redefining the boundaries of design and fashion.