M. Scott Vogel

Whistlers Daughter

Issue No.

"Whistler's Daughter" by M. Scott Vogel is a playful and modern reimagining of the iconic "Whistler's Mother." This vibrant color photograph captures a younger woman, dressed in period-style attire reminiscent of the original painting. However, Vogel's rendition introduces a flirtatious twist, as the woman cheekily reveals a hint of leg, infusing the image with a sense of sensuality and fun. This photograph is part of a creative campaign for Jhanna, a fine jewelry designer, where Vogel reimagined classic artworks with a contemporary flair, including pieces like "Skull and Grapes" and "Abduction of the Psyche." Shot in the renowned Industria NYC studio in 2007, Vogel's meticulous attention to detail is evident. He not only captured the essence of the original painting but also overcame its unrealistic perspective by ingeniously building a set. The floor was constructed at a slight upward angle against the backdrop to mimic the painting's rising floor. To ensure his subject sat naturally, the chair's legs were cut at a matching angle, making the seat flat.

$ 5,425.00 USD