M. Scott Vogel


Issue No.

"Snogging" by M. Scott Vogel is a masterful portrayal of two people in a passionate embrace, their lips locked in a fervent kiss. The photo-realistic quality of the painting is staggering, leaving the viewer questioning the nature of reality itself. Vogel has gone beyond the mere representation of a physical act, delving into the realm of emotions and conveying the intensity of the moment with striking accuracy. The brushstrokes, although meticulously detailed, are almost invisible, resulting in an image that is as smooth and as seamless as a photograph. The play of light and shadow, the intricate textures of the skin, and the warmth emanating from the figures contribute to the lifelike quality of the piece. The painting not only captures the physicality of the kiss but also encapsulates the emotional depth and connection between the two individuals. It is a celebration of love, passion, and the transient moments that define our existence.

$ 4,356.00 USD