Drew Carolan

Peace pants

Issue No.

Drew Carolan's "Peace Pants" is a vivid representation of the punk rock ethos of the 1980s. The photograph zeroes in on a pair of legs adorned in ripped jeans, emblematic of the punk rock style. A standout feature is the peace patch sewn onto the jeans, juxtaposing the rebellious nature of punk with a universal symbol of peace. The combat boots, a staple of punk fashion, ground the image, adding an edge of grit and defiance. Carolan's influence from Richard Avedon shines through in this piece. The sharp focus, minimalist composition, and the emotional depth are reminiscent of Avedon's style, under whom Carolan trained. This image, like Carolan's other works, captures the essence of its subject with profound intimacy, reflecting his unique contribution to the tradition of portraiture photography. Set against the backdrop of the punk movement, this photograph is more than just an image; it's a statement. It encapsulates a time when fashion was not just about style but about making a stand, about identity, and about challenging the status quo. Through Carolan's lens, we are invited to step back in time and experience the raw energy, spirit, and ethos of the punk era.

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