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Cabana Magazine's 19th issue, released in April 2023, is a captivating exploration of the magical world of interiors. Often dubbed the 'Magicians' issue, it highlights the extraordinary talents of individuals whose influence on interior design is nothing short of magical. This issue delves deep into the intricate relationship between individuals and their spaces, from grandiose rooms to the minutest of details, showcasing a spectrum of colors, textiles, and unique objects that make a room feel both personal and unique. With one of four exquisite covers created by Loro Piana, this issue invites readers on a journey through the enchanting interiors of notable figures such as Jacob, Lord Rothschild. A biannual publication, Cabana Magazine is a treasure trove of inspiration, featuring a carefully curated collection of photographs, illustrations, essays, and interviews that celebrate the pinnacle of interior design, architecture, and lifestyle.

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Cabana believes that the finest art galleries are the homes and work places of the art collectors themselves. Each issue features home interiors from a curatorial vantage point, featuring items that range from fabulous pieces of art to esoteric flea market finds.