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AnOther Magazine Issue 44, Spring/Summer 2023, features multiple covers, one of which includes Cate Blanchett photographed by Harley Weir and styled by Robbie Spencer. Another cover features Diego Calva in Dior by Collier Schorr and Ellie Grace Cumming, and a third cover includes mutual fans and collaborators Björk and Shygirl discussing their first encounter and literature. The theme of this issue is 'Mirror', and it brings a thought-provoking blend of high fashion, art, and culture. AnOther Magazine is built on discussions, and this issue reflects complex conversations as it is not simple to reflect a time such as this.

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A blend of high fashion and world-class photography, each beautifully crafted edition of AnOther is a collector's item. Each massive 400-plus page issue features content from emerging photographers, stylists, and writers.