Y35 No16 Spring 23

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Celebrate the timeless medium of film with Y35 Magazine Issue No. 16. This Spring 2023 edition introduces you to the captivating work of artists Leah Giammarva, Jonathan Mok, Ashley Knott, Lauren Fraser, and Dennis Eichmann, and includes a special feature and interview with Drew Carolan. Each artist captures the beauties and struggles of life through their unique perspective and vision. This issue also highlights the collaborative project Hot Photato and includes an inspiring account by Bobby Flores of his first art gallery, emphasizing the importance of real-world community and interaction. With 68 pages of content, this 8.5x11 inch magazine will transport you to worlds and perspectives separate from your own, ultimately leading to a deeper understanding of the subjects and yourself. Order your copy now and embark on a journey of artistic exploration and self-discovery.

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